Accident insurance

The accident insurance is a powerful financial mechanism enabling to maintain at the same level the material welfare of an employee of a company and/or his family in the case of injury, disability or death.

The main difference between this program and the program of the Voluntary Medical Insurance (VMI) is that on the Accident Insurance a customer is paid an insurance benefit for the mere fact of injury, while VMI covers actual medical expenses incurred by a customer.

Insurance amount

The insurance amount may be determined in several ways:

  • in range of 5,000 US dollars to 50,000 US dollars per year for each employee;
  • the amount individual for each of the employees and equal to one, two or three times the annual income;
  • any other amount agreed by the parties.

Insurance payments

The amounts of insurance payments depend on the insurance amount, as well as on the severity of an accident occurred. In the case of death of an insured person the insurance payments are made to the legal heir or a specific person specified in the policy.