For Children

All parents want their child to grow up healthy and become less ill. To have a child in the family is a joyful and exciting event. The kid discovers the world for him, and how curious, active and mobile he will grow depends on the way he feels.

The kid’s immunity forms from the early childhood and many diseases may be avoided in time by paying attention to the first symptoms or genetic predisposition.

We understand how the health of your baby is important for you and offer the advertence, starting from the birth to adulthood.

We offer you timely and quality medical care for your children at the best children's hospitals in Kyiv under a policy of voluntary medical insurance (VMI).

What does VMI policy give?

  • Treatment in modern medical treatment facilities which best suits you in terms of location and price range;
  • Confidence in the quality of medical care delivered;
  • An opportunity to plan medical expenses: having paid once for a VMI policy, you will not have to bear the additional costs of treatment within a year.

Voluntary medical insurance of children

  • Our policies provide service in the best clinics of Kyiv, such as: Valeria Dobrobut, Nash Doctor, Vitatsell, Healthy and Happy, MINI, Boris, Medicom, the Central Hospital of MIA;
  • All of our insurance products for children include home nursing of newborns, routine examinations and vaccinations of children in accordance with the National Immunization Schedule;
  • You are guaranteed high quality medical care, because our experts control the quality of therapy and diagnostics;
  • Depending on your preferences and budget, you may choose a VMI policy suitable for you.

We know that a child should grow up and not get sick, and we are ready to help you with this.