For individuals

Caring of one’s health, health and welfare of one’s family becomes an integral part of today's successful man

Our company's specialists have prepared for you the comprehensive medical insurance program that will help you and your close relatives:

  • to protect yourselves from unforeseen costs of medical care and medicines in the case of illness;
  • to maintain the welfare at the same level in the cases of injury, disability or death.

Besides the insurance coverage, JSIC "INGO Ukraine" will provide you with:

  • the immediate round-the-clock medical care in all regions of Ukraine;
  • a possibility to get services in the medical insurance offices of JSIC "INGO Ukraine", which are located at the base clinics in Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities;
  • advisory round-the-clock support of medical service call-center "INGO-Assistance";
  • an opportunity to participate in the bonus system.

The medical insurance system is rightly considered the most effective way to protect yourself and your family from unforeseen medical costs. In addition, a medical insurance policy is an essential feature of respectability and success of its holder worldwide.

The voluntary medical insurance programs of JSIC "INGO Ukraine" can significantly reduce the costs (economic, time, resource) of medical care and shift the responsibility for its provision onto the company's specialists.

The Medical Insurance Programs (MIP) suggests an individual approach to each of our customers. This is true both during the stage of purchase of an insurance policy and within the entire period of service. Thus, it is important for us to establish partner relations with our customers, which enables to maintain constant feedback, i.e. to know how they assess the services offered, whether their expectations are satisfied, what their wishes and needs in insurance are.

Services to our customers are rendered according to the system of priority service, which comprises:

  • round-the-clock service of our customers by the specialized medical control service "Alfa-Assistance";
  • service through offices of insurance medicine;
  • monitoring of the quality of therapy and a degree of satisfaction of the Customer’s expectations.

The services to our customers in Ukraine are rendered according to the medical insurance programs round-the-clock through the specialized medical service "Alfa-Assistance" by providing the following services:

  • making an appointment with a necessary physician;
  • arrangement of treatment process;
  • provision of services of dedicated medical experts;
  • control of the quality of medical care;
  • evacuation and repatriation;
  • provision of medical services to our clients when they travel throughout Ukraine.

The medical care base for medical insurance programs is more than 600 medical institutions in Kyiv and in more than 40 cities of Ukraine. Well-known commercial medical companies, departmental clinics, research institutes, large medical centers are among them. They are such as: The Central Hospital of MIA, the October Hospital, the Principal Military Clinical Hospital, the Military Medical Department of SSU, the Research Institute of Tuberculosis and Pulmonology in name of Janowski, the Research Institute of Cardiology in name of Strazhesko, the Research Institute of Orthopedics and Traumatology, the Research Institute of Neurosurgery, the Research Institute of Endocrinology, Medicom, Dobrobut, Boris, Graal, the 311 Clinic of Valikhnovskyy, Valeria, Biofarmtech, the Medical Center "Stomatservis" CJSC "Slan-Medika", Sinlab, Cynevo, Eurolab, BSL-Group, LLC "Ukrainian Diagnostic Center", LLC "Laboratory MTM", LLC "Dila", LLC "DNA Laboratory", LLC "Optima", "Alfa-Vita", the Ukrainian Medical Group, "Optima-Farm" and others.