How to choose the right CASCO?


How to choose the right CASCO?

Insurance is a process necessary and very responsible. While signing the insurance documents, you pay a certain amount and receive definite rights and obligations and, therefore, before bargain it's better to chech all the details and subtleties.

So, what you should pay attention first? First check the most banal - this data will be entered in official documents. First and last name, phone numbers, dates, numbers and other important data should be written correctly, or in obtaining insurance payments wait for unnecessary problems.

Be sure to check what you will need to do in the situation of insurance claim. After all, the insurance company will not "run" for you to pay the amount of payments - you will need to independently inform insurers about the accident. It is also worth to know more about those situations that are not considered as insurance case so you do not expect more from the issue a policy than it is.

Another important point when you make a policy CASCO - a parking place. So, sometimes in the contract specifies that at night the car must be on the guarded parking lot. Accordingly, if the car is parked elsewhere, then when an insured event happens you won't get paid.

Moreover, even if the machine will be on the 'correct' parking lot, you may miss out on payments. For example, some parking is not designed as protected, and this is sufficient reason to deny you insurance payments.

One of the advantages of registration of CASCO in the company "INGO Ukraine" is that the Company does not take into account the factor of car storage - if car is located in a protected parkplace or just stand near the house - the indemnity will be paid in any case in full.

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