"Green Card" - the consequences of fraud


A lot of people have already faced with such type of insurance, as Green Card. Policies "Green Card" are intended to protect the citizens of Ukraine, located outside the state, in the event of their involvement in the accident. Without this form, you will not be able to travel by car, for example in the neighboring countries. Why? It's simple. "Green Card" is our "native" and painfully familiar Compulsory Liability Car Insurance.  The driver's liability is insured, respectively, the payment is received by the one who suffered in the accident. At this point, a system of "green card" includes 45 countries from Europe, Asia and Africa - all countries of Europe including Russia (from January 1, 2009), as well as Turkey, Israel, Morocco, Tunisia and Iran.

Quite often more cases of fraud are recorded. There always have been enough craftsmen, especially with this type of insurance, where is difficult to find out immediately who was guilty of "fabricated" policy, the perpetrator of an accident or a light-fingered seller of unfortunate form. We can say that this "business" thrives and attracts an increasing number of people willing to make money out of you.

It is important to understand the policy of "Green Card" - this is a mandatory form of insurance. And buying this insurance you must approach with full responsibility for the choice of the company.

We'll show you not only some of the most common schemes of scam, but also how operate in this situation.

Relatively frequent case of fraud happens in small broker companies between insurers and clients, where agents ply following: you purchase a policy of "Green Card" for a year, valued at USD 986.00. And manager sends the insurer a copy, with dates in 15 days. The difference in price between the "annual" and a fifteen days-polis is 781.00 UAH, this amount of money goes straight into the pocket of a swindler. For all that, this form is true, you discover a fraud in case of negative circumstances abroad.

For more gullible people, frauds in the guise of the agents sell "fake" right on the border markets, introducing themselves as brokers of large and influential insurance companies.  You can only imagine what kind of people’s stream who had not managed to buy a "green card" before, and wish to solve the situation quickly and inexpensively.

The worst is not the fact that you have paid more than necessary and they have made money out of you but  what can happen if is detected the falsification of the policy.

What happened is that! Local police will never accept such "paper" and you will be obliged to pay damages to the victim.

Equally problematic is the case with the true policy, but with wrong dates. Motor Transport Insurance Bureau of Ukraine (MTIBU) or the insurance company will compensate for the injured party loss. But then, it should be a long judicial red tape,  into which the driver, who had bought a fake "green card" will be forced. And according to Article 358 of the Criminal Code, "The use of fake documents face a fine of 50 people minimum tax, or even imprisonment for up to two years." So you’ll have to prove that there is no your guilt in this situation.

So, to avoid such situations, we’ll describe in details how looks like the Green Card, what should be in it, and why it is "green."

There are two green card ways: to the CIS countries and European countries. The policy can be issued for a period of 15 days to one year. Form consists of 4 pages. The first two are green, the other are white. The manager should give you three pages, two green and one white, and leave himself a white page (copy).

Be sure to check the data specified in the policy.

The first two (green) pages contain:

  • Dates
  • License number or the number of car body
  • The category of vehicle (A, E, C, F, B)
  • Make and model of the car
  • The Latin name and address of the insured
  • On the front page of the policy should not be any seals and stamps

Two white pages contain the same information, only the amount of insurance payment, payment date and the place of insurance registration is added. Form can be filled manually, and printed. This is not a bug.

"Green Card" rates are identical in all insurance companies of all Green Card international system participating countries. So do not believe when they say "lowest fares". If someone drops or overstates the price of "green card", he violates the law.

Knowing the basic rules of the "Green Card" completion, can simplify your trip abroad as a car enthusiast.

Aware of - is forearmed.

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