Apartments Robbery in Kiev!


Apartments Robbery in Kiev!

Recently, apartment robberies and thefts have become more rapid in Kiev. Statistics cited by the Kiev police department is very disappointing. The number of cases of personal property theft has increased by 143%.

Most often robberies occur in Kiev residential districts, namely Darnitsa, Svyatoshino, Solomenka, Vinogradar, Syrets and Novobelichi. A little quieter are Pechersk and Shevchenko districts. Although Kiev elite districts residents also often become victims of thieves. Paradoxically, but criminals also have work schedule, often they "work" on weekdays from 9 am to 7 pm. Thefts and robberies occur less frequently on a tip and using master keys, but the cases of penetration into the apartment through the unclosed windows and doors when the owners just left for a couple of minutes.

According to statistics, most often are endured appliances, jewelry and savings of homeowners. Typically, the thieves need no more than five minutes to endure the most valuable, and therefore property insurance is a very sensible approach to the protection of honestly acquired things. Also the Kiev police department points out an increase in thefts by individuals, presenting fake state structures workers certificates.

In the West, and Europe property insurance is the norm. As for us, many are not aware of such a service, save money or rely just" on the off chance". While insurance in Ukraine is ready to offer customers high-quality program to protect their belongings and not to become a burglar victim. Only civilized insurance approach would defeat the statistics given above.

In today's world, it is not enough to have secure lock and armored door.

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