"Avtocyvilka" has become the reliable protection from unnecessary troubles and headaches for drivers all over the world.

In Ukraine, the acquisition of "avtocyvilka" (OSAGO in the Russian-speaking area) became mandatory once the Law of Ukraine "On Compulsory Civil Liability Insurance of Owners of Ground Transport Vehicles" dated July 1, 2004 has come into effect.

Today, a policy of compulsory civil liability insurance purchased makes over 70% of Ukrainian drivers to feel confident.

What is "avtocyvilka"?

The main advantage of this type of motor insurance is the protection of interests of car owners when they cause damages to health, life or property of third parties.

The limits of liability for this type of insurance are 50,000 hryvnia for property (property objects may be represented by cars, buildings and structures which may be damaged by a motor vehicle while riding), and the limit of liability for life and health is also set at 100,000 hryvnia for person aggrieved.

The deductible on car damage coverage is 510 hryvnia.

For the sake of convenience of car owners, avtocyvilka may be executed according to one of three types of contracts:

Contract of type 1
One car and an unlimited number of persons, driving a given transport vehicle legally.
Let the whole staircase ride! But legally!
This type of contract is beneficial for legal entities.

Contract of type 2
One driver and a lot of cars which he is entitled to drive.
You are lucky and you have a large fleet of vehicles? This type of contract is just for you!

Contract of type 3
One car and one-five people who may be inserted in the given contract of insurance.
It is the most popular type of contract. The optimal solution, if you have one car for two.
This type of contract may be interesting for individuals.

The cost of avtocyvilka depends on such parameters:

  • Type of transport vehicle: engine capacity, carrying capacity, number of seats;
  • For individuals: the place of registration of the assured; for legal entities: the registered address;
  • Driving experience of persons admitted to driving;
  • A number of persons permitted to drive a car;
  • Area of transport vehicle operation.

Why it is important to execute avtocyvilka?

  • You were carried away by the sight of a retro-car passing by or just sneezed when traffic light changes and consequently caused damage to the car in front of you, then the availability of avtocyvilka would save you from worries about this, as all costs are borne by the insurance company "INGO Ukraine";
  • Moreover, the availability of OSAGO policy will save you from traffic police fines, which range from 450 to 850 hryvnia;
  • To get avtocyvilka will take not more than 10 minutes for you and ultimately will save you much more time.
  • Why it is important to execute avtocyvilka at the company "INGO Ukraine"?
  • 20 year unblemished reputation in the Ukrainian insurance market;
  • 26 branches and more than 100 offices in all regions of Ukraine;
  • highly-qualified staff that will help you to select the appropriate type of a contract and will provide as much information about the given type of insurance;
  • For the sake of your convenience, the specialized round-the-clock unit functions, which upon the occurrence of a traffic accident involving the third parties will advice you what to do in the situation so developed;
  • it is possible to calculate the cost and to apply for insurance on the phone;
  • it is possible to deliver, if necessary, a policy of avtocyvilka directly to your home or office;
  • you may, if prefer, get a policy of Voluntary Civil Liability Insurance by increasing the limit of 10,000 hryvnia to 500,000 hryvnia.

The insurance shall be in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Compulsory Civil Liability Insurance of Owners of Ground Transport Vehicles" dated 01.07.2004 No. 1961, under and in accordance with the license of the State Commission for Regulation of Financial Services Markets in Ukraine, series AB, No. 377568 dated 17.01. 2008.