Property insurance

The specialists of our Company have prepared for you an insurance program for personal property, which will help protect you and your family from unexpected expenses associated with the following risks:

  • fire, including arson, explosion of gas used for cooking and heating, lightning;
  • natural disasters (earthquakes, landslides, storm, hurricane, flood, flooding, hail, rain and snowfall, etc.);
  • water damage from plumbing, heating, sewage systems, damage due to water intrusion from adjacent premises;
  • illegal acts of third parties (deliberate actions designed to destroy or damage property);
  • burglary and robbery;
  • civil liability to third parties.

Subjects of insurance:

  • Real estate (house, cottage, including the interior decoration of the rooms);
  • The property in the rooms (furniture, appliances and electronics, furnishings, etc.);
  • Civil liability to third parties.

    The company "INGO Ukraine" you may choose your insurance program:
  • Apartment insurance;
  • Insurance of residential; houses;
  • Insurance of property of legal entities.