For legal entities

The property owned or rented is one of the main assets of any company. Therefore, insurance protection of the property is the recipe for successful development of your business.

"INGO Ukraine" possesses the state-of-art and advanced technologies of insurance. This means that we offer you only the best insurance products.

We are happy to offer you the following kinds of property insurance:

  • insurance of property against fire and other risks;
  • insurance of property of agricultural enterprises;
  • insurance of liability for damage caused to third parties;
  • insurance of industrial machines and process equipment from breakdown;
  • insurance of professional liability of entities of different forms to third parties for the quality of works performed;
  • insurance of construction works;
  • insurance of title;
  • insurance of electronic equipment.

Objects of insurance:

  • buildings, facilities (including facilities at the cost of finishing and repair);
  • utilities, equipment for core and auxiliary production;
  • office and trade equipment, tools and implements, furniture;
  • stock of finished goods, raw materials, semi-finished products in progress, finished goods, goods for sale in temporary storage;
  • other property.

Risks covered by our policy:

  • fire, including arson, explosion of process equipment operating under pressure, stroke of lightning;
  • natural disasters (earthquakes, landslides, storm, hurricane, flood and submergence, hail, rainfall and snowfall etc);
  • damage to property by water from water supply, heating, sewage and fire protection systems;
  • wrongful acts of third parties (deliberate acts intended to destroy or damage property);
  • burglary and robbery;
  • civil liability to third parties*.

Cost of insurance:

The cost of insurance depends on such factors as general condition of the insured property, presence of hazardous industries in the neighborhood of the enterprise, the size of insurance amount and deductible etc.

Insurance period: from one month to one year.

Buying a policy of personal property insurance, you get extra services:

  • Consultation on preparation of necessary documents (references from operational services, law enforcement bodies etc);
  • Provision of services of a specialized company to determine the amount of damages caused;
  • Provision of services on performance of repair works, including the purchase of building materials;
  • Recovery of the stolen property cost according the established fact, regardless of the duration and results of investigation.

*Civil liability to third parties: fulfillment of obligations to the (third) party (your neighbors) aggrieved, that have arisen due to your fault and associated with the use of your insured property, namely: material damage caused to third parties as a result of fire, explosion of gas used for domestic needs, damage by water from water supply, heating, sewage systems.