Insurance weapons

The object of weapon owners or users insurance is responsible for damage to life, health or property of individuals and legal entities as a result of using this weapon.

Insurance risks

Insurance risks are death, invalidism or disability, as well as entities or individuals property damage in consequence of weapons use or storage.

Who can be insured?

Policyholders can be Ukrainian citizens or legal entities who lawfully possess, store or use the following weapons:

  • Combat rifled firearms
  • Gelded and instructional weapons
  • Outdated small arms
  • Hunting rifled firearms
  • Smoothbore hunting guns
  • Sporting firearms
  • Edged weapons
  • Air guns, etc.

Insurance payments

  • In case of death due to an insured event the family or his legal heirs of the deceased will be paid 11 000 UAH.
  • In case of invalidity:
    Group I - 8250 UAH.
    Group II - 5500 UAH.
    Group III - 2750 UAH.
  • In case of temporary disability 20 UAH for each day will be paid, but not more than 2750 USD.
  • In case of damage (destruction) of the property - in the amount of the carrying value of the property, but not more than 30 thousand UAH. In the absence of the property carrying value the chargeable amount will be established by agreement between the injured third party and the insurer, but not more than 30 thousand UAH. If such an agreement hasn’t been reached, the amount of damages would be set by the court. In the case of partial property damage the value of the property which should be changed or updated (value pack) estimates in a legal order.

Insurance cost

The insurance rate is set at citizens non-taxable minimum incomes (17 UAH) for one year regardless of the weapon type or quantity from one citizen.

The insurance contract may be concluded for a period of one to ten years.