Residential houses

If one considers the statistics, it becomes clear: troubles with immovable property occur less frequently than TAS. That is why the cost of property insurance is lower than the cost of autoinsurance.

But, quite honestly, answer your simple questions: have you never had a spark plug? How about a leaky faucet? No problems with the washing machine? Are your neighbors responsible and tidy?

The specialists of our company have prepared for you the program of personal property insurance, which will help to protect you and your relatives from unforeseen costs associated with the following risks:

  • fire, including arson, explosion of gas used for domestic purposes, stroke of lightning;
  • natural disasters (earthquakes, landslides, storm, hurricane, flood, flooding, hail, rainfall and snowfall etc.);
  • damage by water from water supply, heating, sewage systems, damage due to infiltration of water from adjacent premises;
  • wrongful acts of third parties (deliberate acts intended to destroy or damage property);
  • burglary and robbery;
  • civil liability to third parties *.

Subjects of insurance:

  • Immovable property (residential house, summer cottage, including the interior decoration of the specified premises);
  • Possessions located in the rooms (furniture, household appliances and electronics, interior items etc);
  • Сivil liability to third parties *.

Insurance amount

The insurance amounts are set independently by a customer for each of the subjects of insurance (immovable property, interior decoration of premises, possessions in the premises, civil liability), and thereafter the premises are inspected by an expert group of JSIC "INGO Ukraine".

The customer shall independently compile a list of items (household appliances and electronics) which cost exceeds 500 hryvnia.

Deductible: either 1% of the insurance amount for each of the subjects of insurance (immovable property, possessions in premises, civil liability) or 1,000 hryvnia for each of the insured events at the Сlient’s choice.

Insurance period: one year.

Buying a policy of personal property insurance, you get extra services:

  • Consultation on preparation of necessary documents (references from operational services, law enforcement bodies etc);
  • Provision of services of a specialized company to determine the amount of damages caused;
  • Provision of services on performance of repair works, including the purchase of building materials;
  • Recovery of the stolen property cost according the established fact, regardless of the duration and results of investigation.

*Civil liability to third parties: fulfillment of obligations to the (third) party (your neighbors) aggrieved, that have arisen due to your fault and associated with the use of your insured property, namely: material damage caused to third parties as a result of fire, explosion of gas used for domestic needs, damage by water from water supply, heating, sewage systems.