Going abroad

When going on a trip abroad, we usually expect to have a good rest and get a lot of new pleasant impressions. In order not to have a visit spoiled by unexpected health problems, it is better to take care of insurance protection and purchase at JSIC "INGO Ukraine" a policy of medical expenses insurance. Then you may be sure that all costs associated with obtaining the medical care will be paid by JSIC "INGO Ukraine".

Insurance cost depends on the number of days spent abroad and country you are visiting.

Here is an example of the most extended client’s requests:

  • Trip to Turkey for 7 days, the cost will be 4.27$;
  • Trip to Egypt for 14 days, the cost will be 7.7$;
  • Trip to Israel for 12 days, the cost will be 9.96€;
  • Trip to Bulgaria for 5 the cost will be 4.35€;

There can be variety of options for all kinds of trips, approach us and we’ll select for you the most optimal insurance with full coverage.


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Insurance policy covers the following expenses:

  • medical expenses: for treatment of emergency illness or injury, and also the medications necessary for this and prescribed by a doctor;
  • medical and transport costs of: evacuation of the Assured from the accident site to the nearest medical facility or doctor;
  • transport costs: the cost of returning home of the Assured himself or his children if they are left unattended due to an insured event; the cost of both ends travel for a relative to visit the Assured in the event of extended admission to hospital.

How your medical expenses are paid:

The medical expenses are paid by JSIC "INGO Ukraine" directly to a medical institution or reimbursed to the Assured, if the expenses have been independently paid by him.

Our rates are absolutely simple and transparent:

  • the cost of a policy depends on the insurance amount and duration of a trip;
  • the insurance amount is chosen by a customer and determined in US dollars or in Euro (at the customer’s wish) with accounting the country of departure of the Assured;
  • the insurance amount for European countries, including the countries of the Schengen Union, is denominated in Euros;
  • the cost of a policy (premium) is indicated for each of the Assureds for each day of a trip in US dollars or Euros, depending on the selected currency of an insurance contract.

Why it is important to make a policy at JSIC "INGO Ukraine"?

  • a travel insurance policy with JSIC "INGO Ukraine" is recognized by consular services worldwide;
  • a travel insurance policy is valid for trips of any type: tourist, business, for engagement in extreme sports and works at high risk (miners, builders, electricians), single and repeated throughout the year;
  • if during a trip you need urgent assistance, you have only to call an appropriate round-the-clock service center of JSIC "INGO Ukraine": in any stressful situation at any time of the day you will receive detailed advice about who to contact and how to act in the circumstances developed;
  • a travel insurance policy is easy to re-execute for other period or to cancel, if you cancel the trip.

In addition to the policy of medical expenses insurance you may execute an insurance policy against an accident and a baggage insurance policy for the duration of a trip abroad.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that from March of 2010 at the embassies of some states the additional requirement for an insurance policy has appeared: it became necessary to execute a travel insurance policy with taking into account the 15-day corridor (plus 15 days beyond the date of stay on a state’s territory). Unfortunately, the embassies have not yet provided the insurance company with this information. Such information should be checked individually at the embassies.

Do not forget that when executing the given insurance policy, you do not only bring to an embassy the document needed to get a visa but also have your health protection while traveling.