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Insurance = peace of mind for your home
For many, the notion of home is broader than just a structure under a roof with a door and windows. Home is a place where we feel good, safe and comfortable. It is associated with a lot of emotions and memories; a lot of effort has been put into its creation.

However, sometimes life brings "surprises" in the form of a busted water tap, a visit of uninvited guests during the holidays, flooding by neighbors... It is impossible to foresee that, but you can be prepared and save your nerves, avoiding unforeseen financial expenses.
You can take out home insurance and be worry-free for a year.
Flat insurance "Express"
Registration without inspection and list of contents
Maximum risk protection for
your flat
Delivery of the contract to your address - free of charge
payment within
10 working days
Flat Express program options
Variant Insured sum, UAH Price, UAH
BY PROPERTY   (repairs, communications, maintenance) ON LIABILITY (to   neighbours) 1 payment Breakdown into 4 instalments(quarterly)
№1 250 000 250 000 1 100 -
№2 500 000 500 000 2 000 -
№3 700 000 700 000 2 640 2 964
№4 1 000 000 1 000 000 3 540 3 972
№5 2 000 000 2 000 000 6 500 7 276
1000 UAH
1 year
Insurance period
This product allows insuring your flat not only without having to list all the property and small interior items, but also even without
Risks against which the flat will be insured:
fire, including arson, gas explosion used for domestic purposes, lightning strike;
natural disasters (earthquake, landslide, storm, hurricane, flood and inundation, hail, heavy rain and snowfall, etc.)
water damage from plumbing, heating, sewerage systems, damage due to penetration of water from neighboring premises;
unlawful acts of third persons (intentional actions aimed at destroying or damaging the property)
burglary and robbery;
burglary and robbery;
third-party (neighborhood) liability - liability to the injured party (your neighbors) incurred through your fault and related to the use of the insured property (for instance, flooding)
What will be insured?
Interior finish of the premises (permanent covering of walls, ceiling and floor, interior partitions, interior doors)
Non-removable construction parts and interior furnishings (curtain rails, lighting fixtures, sanitary ware, built-in furniture, etc.)
Utilities and sanitary equipment, sewerage, cold and hot water supply, heating, electricity and gas supply, fireplaces, saunas, telecommunications, security and fire alarm systems, ventilation systems, etc.)
Maintenance (furniture, appliances)
Third party liability (neighbors)
Advantages of insurance with “INGO” Insurance Company:
  • Determination of damage based on actual costs of restoration;
  • “Flat Express” insurance contract will save your time, because it is issued without inspection and mandatory description of the property;
  • It is paid not only for the repair of a specific damaged area (stains, cracks, etc.) but also for that part of the joint surfaces without repair of which it is impossible to restore the room to its previous condition;
  • For owners of a valid CASCO contract with “INGO” Insurance Company, property insurance under the contract "Flat Express" will be cheaper.
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