Podolsk Branch of “INGO”, Insurance Services

For private individuals

Home Insurance
Private Home Insurance
Mortgage insurance
Property Insurance
For travelling abroad
For travelling within Ukraine
For Foreigners
Travel insurance
For adults
For children
Medical insurance
Automobile liability insurance (CMTPL)
Green Card
Additional extension
Motor insurance

For business

Medical insurance
Accident Insurance
Employee insurance
Cargo Insurance
Cargo insurance
Property insurance for legal entities
Insurance of special vehicles
Insurance of construction and installation works
Equipment insurance
Water transport insurance
Air transport insurance
Property insurance
Employers' liability insurance
Liability insurance
Ship owner's liability insurance
Liability insurance, lawyers, auditors, notaries and surveyors
Motor vehicle liability
Liability insurance
Insurance of crop production
Insurance of livestock farming
Farm machinery insurance
Agro insurance
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Теl.: +38 (097) 180 88 88
E-mail: office@ingo.kiev.ua
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