Corporate employee insurance
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Corporate employee insurance

Submit an application form and find out the cost of insuring your company's employees
Today, employee medical insurance is an important part of the reputation of a successfully growing company. The constant result of employee health care is increased productivity and reduced sickness rates.
Submit an application form and find out the cost of insuring your company's employees
As the company gains material momentum, it aims to show its well-being by protecting its main asset - its staff - with social benefits!

A voluntary medical insurance agreement is the most cost-effective option for arranging high quality and prompt medical care for employees.
The unconditional advantages of employee medical insurance:
medical advice by telephone
medical care through trusted doctors
making an appointment with the right doctor
organization of treatment process
arrangement of delivery of medicines
quality control of medical services
arranging the services of subspecialists
provision of medical services throughout Ukraine
monitoring of inpatient care through visits to insured persons by the Assessor
What does employee medical insurance cover?
outpatient care
emergency medical care
hospitalization and inpatient care
dental care
bonus programs
after-sales service
Our benefits are your trump card:

The leading position in the insurance market both in terms of insurance premium collections and in terms of indemnity payments - the priority attitude to the development of this type of insurance at INGO International Insurance Company, building long-term partnerships with clients, and the professionalism of the company's staff
Experience - knowledge of the healthcare market, a proven mechanism for medical and insurance support to clients
Established credibility in the health system - trust of health facilities, monitoring and use of a base of professional doctors and clinics
Feedback from our clients - getting reliable information about insurance practices and covered insurance services. INGO Group's personal insurance clients include more than 1,000 companies of legal entities all over Ukraine.
Provision of medical care and payment of expenses in medical institutions in more than 60 cities of Ukraine - a single level of service for insured people in different regions of Ukraine
A system of preferential insurance, in property, car, liability and travel insurance.
Flexible and customer centricity, individualized approach to clients at all stages of their communication with the insurance company.
Discounts and bonuses for you:
For all Insureds under corporate Voluntary Medical Insurance agreements with INGO International Insurance Company:
  1. AdiscountonthecostoftheinsurancepolicyfortravelabroadorwithinUkraine;
  2. If dental care is included in the scope of services (according to the Voluntary Medical Insurance policy), an additional option is Emergency overnight dental care (transportation to a 24-hour dental clinic and transportation home after necessary medical treatment);
The cost of a medical insurance policy

Corporate insurance rates depend on the number of employees in the company and the selected insurance program. You can purchase medical insurance for your employees from 1 500 UAH depending on the selected conditions. Medical insurance for employees in Kyiv

To calculate the tariff, send us an email request or contact us by phone
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