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Travel insurance does the insurance company cover
a guarantee of medical care without financial expenses, all.

Are you going skiing in the Carpathians with your family?
Or maybe you want to kayak down the Southern Bug with your friends?
Or go paragliding for the first time?

Now you don't need to pack a huge first-aid kit for all occasions. We will save you from the risk of unforeseen medical expenses. “INGO” Insurance Company will take care of you and make your active leisure pleasant and carefree.
The cost of insurance depends on the number of days, type of rest and insured sum

The insured sum includes costs of outpatient and in-patient treatment, including costs of emergency dental treatment, arrangement and payment for medical evacuation. Accident insurance is also included.

You can calculate the cost of your medical insurance policy yourself. The rate for one insured day is 16 UAH (excluding extreme sports).
For example, you go on vacation for 10 days (10 x 16 = 160 UAH).

Altogether 16 UAH. \ A day is the cost of your safe holiday.

By purchasing a health insurance policy at low cost, in case of necessity of emergency medical aid, you can contact 24-hour service center of “INGO” Insurance Company, specialists who will organize necessary assistance and provide payment of all expenses directly to any Ukrainian clinic.
How do I take out travel insurance?
You can take out the policy online. To take out travel insurance, you must fill in your travel details (country, dates of travel, number and age of travelers). The price and conditions of insurance depend on this. After reflecting the price and after payment an e-policy will be sent by e-mail.
You can also leave a request online\call and manager will help you decide on the insurance program and answer all questions.
Does travel insurance contract cover treatment for COVID-19 disease abroad?
That is right; every contract covers the risk of COVID-19 disease. There is only a difference in insured sums in OPTIMAL and PLATINUM.
Travel insurance is obligatory when going abroad?
Yes. Travel insurance is required at the border check at the territory of other country.
What do I do if I stay longer in another country and my travel insurance runs out?
You can take out a travel insurance for the required number of days additionally. However, it is important that you do not interrupt your coverage. If, for example, the policy expires tomorrow, you should take out a new policy today with a follow-up date afterwards.
Who do I call if I have an accident?
There are two options, depending on the situation:
  1. The policy has the numbers of the assisting company in your country of residence on the policy. Call and follow the operator's further advice. There are also messengers and emails where you can write. The assistance company is available 24\7.
  2. Call your local ambulance and show your insurance policy at the hospital. In addition, be sure to notify your insurance company of the event within 1:00.
How will the insurance benefit be paid?
If an insured event occurs, you should inform your insurance company and follow the further instructions. If the insurance company arranges help locally, you do not have to pay anything. “INGO” will pay for the costs of medical care provided to the insured.
If you paid the treatment costs yourself, you should submit an application to the insurance company for reimbursement upon your return to Ukraine (you should add to it the original copies of the receipts you paid). The insurance company will then reimburse the costs to your bank account.
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