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The Green Card is a motor third party liability insurance
policy for owners of motor vehicles abroad.

The green card performs the same function outside of
Ukraine as compulsory motor third party liability insurance (CMTPL) policy familiar to all of us.

The Green Card is executed only on regular blank of green colour.


Fill in an application
Submit documents (passport,
ID code and vehicle registration certificate).
Pay by card at no interest and
receive a policy form by post
free of charge.

The Green Card policy can be purchased only in Ukraine and for a car with Ukrainian registration.
Only one person is the insured person, but you may designate several drivers at will. The Green Card covers all drivers legally, even if they are not indicated in the policy.
The international Green Card certificate is required if you want to travel by your car to the states covered by Green Card insurance (practically the whole Europe, as well as some African and Asian countries). The State Committee of Ukraine for Protection of the State Border of Ukraine is responsible for controlling availability of this policy when leaving the country.
It is necessary to have a "green card" for the period of stay abroad at the border control. It is important to make this policy with "reserve", as you must also have a valid Green Card policy when leaving the country.
Possible consequences of not having a Green Card policy:
  • A hefty fine, which depends on the country of residence and can be from 1,000 Euro and above.
  • Delay at the border until the circumstances are clarified and the purchase of a local counterpart of CMTPL insurance, the price of which is considerably higher than the Green Card in Ukraine.
  • The risk of the driver being blacklisted. This may result in a temporary entry ban to the Schengen Agreement countries.
If your Green Card policy expires soon and you do not plan to return to Ukraine, you should contact your insurance company to continue the policy. You may extend the policy only until the date of expiry of your current Green Card to avoid any interruption. In such situation, send the original policy to the insured abroad by post, as you will be fined on the border without a valid policy.
In case of loss the policy abroad, you should contact your insurance company to receive a duplicate of the policy. The original policy should also be mailed to the policy holder abroad so that he/she could pass control without a fine.

Green Card will guarantee coverage of expenses incurred if a vehicle owner causes damage to third persons' health or property. The at-fault driver’s insurance company will indemnify the injured party, and the Motor Insurers' Bureau of the country of residence is responsible for settling the claim.
The costs of repairing the vehicle and/or recovering the health of persons will be covered to the extent prescribed by the laws of the country where the accident has occurred. Terms and conditions of insurance, form of the certificate and policy, insurance rates for this type of insurance are approved by the Motor (Transport) Insurance Bureau of Ukraine and are the same for all domestic insurance companies.
Period of the contract: the Green Card insurance policy can be issued from 15 days to 12 months.
The cost of insurance policy
depends on the following factors:
  • Period of insurance;
  • The territory in which the policy applies;
  • Type of vehicle (car, truck, bus, trailer, motorbike).
Insurance is performed in accordance with the Law No. 1961 of Ukraine 'On compulsory third party liability insurance for owners of ground transport vehicles' of 01.07.2004, Resolution No. 5 of the Cabinet of Ukraine of 06.01.2005 "On approval of insurance payments under the contracts of compulsory insurance of civil liability of motor vehicles owners", on the basis and according to the license of the State Commission on Regulation No. 123658 of Financial Services Markets of Ukraine series AB, of 19.01.2005.
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